Frequently Asked Questions



Learn more about FX Cabinets Warehouse shipping policies and assembly.

QDo you offer shipping/delivery service at FX Cabinets Warehouse?

AWe currently do not provide shipping/delivery at FX Cabinets Warehouse but have plans to offer the service in the near future. 

QOnce delivery is arranged, how will cabinets be shipped?

AFull kitchen orders will be placed on a pallet(s) and delivered to the shipping address our customers provide through a shipping service.

QAre the cabinets shipped assembled?

AFX Cabinets Warehouse cabinets are shipped ready to assemble. They take between 10-15 minutes to assemble.


Find out what products can be purchased and how to become a certified dealer.

Q Can I purchase cabinets online for my house from FX Cabinets Warehouse directly? 

A FX Cabinets Warehouse cabinetry is available in retail stores and design centers nationwide. We do not sell cabinets directly online to the public. Our retailers provide the design expertise and in-person service. For the retailer nearest you, call 626-333-2388 or e-mail us here.

Q How can I become an FX Cabinets Warehouse dealer?

AFX Cabinets Warehouse sells products to an established network of kitchen and bath dealers. In some areas, FX Cabinets Warehouse may be interested in establishing new dealer locations. To become a dealer, call 626-333-2388 or e-mail us.

QCan I purchase doors or drawer fronts rather than entire cabinet boxes?

AIn special cases, just doors or drawer fronts can be ordered. If the doors or drawer fronts have been damaged in any way, replacement doors or drawer fronts may be purchased. Sizes are limited to those used on FX Cabinets Warehouse cabinetry only. *Special order may be requested.

QIs there any way to purchase unfinished cabinets?

AWe only carry finished cabinetry, however you may special order a custom-made container of unfinished cabinetry.

QCan I purchase trash can or rollout tray to utilize with the current cabinetry?

AYes. Please note the sizes of trash cans or rollout trays have been configured for use only with FX Cabinets Warehouse cabinetry.

QCan I order replacement parts or touch-up materials for the cabinetry?

A We offer touch-up material in different forms including fill sticks and markers.

QWhen an item is out of stock, how soon can I receive it?

AWe keep thousands of pieces of cabinetry in stock and ready for immediate shipment, however we may run out of some items. To learn when we expect a specific item to be re-stocked, call 626-333-2388 or e-mail us.

QCan I order cabinets in different sizes or colors?

AWe carry a specific list of cabinetry in predetermined sizes and colors. If you require a container of cabinetry in different sizes or colors, we can custom build the product for you.

DESIGN Specifications

Learn more about product specifications and our cabinets’ environmentally safe, all-wood construction.

QCan I receive help with designing kitchen or bathroom from FX Cabinets Warehouse?

AYes. We can provide designs complete with layout and pictures within about one business day. Please see our Kitchen Design Guide for detailed information.

QCan a designer/salesperson from FX Cabinets Warehouse come out to the job site to help design and measure?  

AYes. Our retailers provide design expertise and the individual service needed for your next project. For the retailer nearest you, call 626-333-2388 or email us.

QHow much of wall space do I need for a blind base corner cabinet?

AThe blind base corner cabinets require a minimum of 42", and a maximum of 45" of wall space. The actual width of cabinets is 36" but must be pulled at least 6" out from the wall to properly align with the adjacent cabinet.

QHow much of wall space do I need for a blind wall cabinet?

AThe blind wall corner cabinet requires 27" of wall space only. The wall blind corner cabinet does not require to be pulled out from the wall except Coffeeville (COG*). COG blind wall corner cabinet requires 28” of wall space.

QIs there a single-oven cabinet available?

AWe only carry a double-oven cabinetry. It has been designed to be fit either a double-oven without the divider or wall microwave on the TOP and wall oven on the BOTTOM.    

QDo I need a finished end panel for the exposed cabinet side?

AEnd panels are not required except with Oaktown (LD). All cabinet sides are stained to match. The wall/base end panel can be used to bring the side of the cabinet flush with the face frame as the face frame over hangs the cabinet side by 1/4".

QIs glass included in all glass doors?

AGlass is included in most FX Cabinets Warehouse cabinetry except Oaktown (LD) and Sun City (BN).

QWhere are cabinets manufactured?

AFX Cabinets Warehouse cabinetry is manufactured in China using lumber from Northern America, Northern Europe and China.

QHow thick are FX Cabinet Warehouse doors and frames?

AThe doors and frames are 3/4" thick.

QWhat do you mean by “all wood and no particleboard?”

AFX Cabinets Warehouse cabinetry is built from furniture/cabinet-grade plywood. The face frames and doors of the cabinets are solid maple, beech, basswood or oak. No particleboard is used.

QIs your cabinetry safe and certified?

AFX Cabinets Warehouse cabinetry is California Air Resources Board (CARB) Compliant and certified. CARB has helped to create laws to protect people and the environment against the harmful effects of formaldehyde. For detailed information on CARB compliancy, read this article. Copies of CARB certificates are included in every box of FX Cabinets Warehouse Cabinetry.

Pricing & Payment

Request a price list and quote and see what methods of payment are accepted.

QHow can I receive FX Cabinets Warehouse price list and price quote?

AEach FX Cabinets Warehouse retailer establishes its own pricing policies. Please call 626-333-2388 or e-mail us for detail information.

QI have a project that requires a large amount of cabinets. How do I go about ordering a high quantity of cabinetry?

APlease call 626-333-2388 or e-mail here for detailed information on large orders.

QWhat methods of payment do you accept?

AFX Cabinets Warehouse is a wholesaler and all merchandise is sold at wholesale discount prices. Therefore, we only accept cash or checks. For out-of-state or international customers, wire transfer payment method for same-day pickup is recommended. For wire transfer, call 626-333-2388 (ext 201) or e-mail us for more information.


Receive information on FX Cabinets Warehouse’s warranty and assembly and request complimentary wood samples.

QWhat are ready–to-assemble (RTA) cabinets?

AReady-to-assemble cabinets are new cabinets, individually packaged, ready for easy assembly onsite. Each cabinet door is pre-installed to the face frame. Assembly times vary depending on the type and size of the individual cabinet. Wall cabinets can be assembled in 10-15 minutes and base cabinets in 20-25. Larger pieces such as the lazy Susan and oven cabinets can take a little longer due to additional pieces. For additional information on the assembly and construction of the cabinets, please review FX Cabinets Warehouse’s Assembly Instructions.

QWhat is FX Cabinets Warehouse’s limited warranty?

AFX Cabinets Warehouse guarantees its cabinetry to be free from defects in material and/or workmanship under normal residential usage for a limited time of seven years. For a copy of the warranty and further details visit our warranty page.

QDo you offer any samples other than sample doors?

AIf you do not prefer to purchase sample doors, we offer small 3"x3" pieces of finished wooden block as economical samples.