2020 Catalog


Download our company products’ 2020 catalog following these instructions:

  1. Save the catalog zip file onto your computer’s desktop.
  2. Ensure 2020 software program is closed.
  3. Click the “Catalog Tools” icon in the 20-20 shortcut bar.
  4. Click “Install a Catalog From Archive.”
  5. Click “Next“
  6. In the “Select Archive Catalog to Install” section, click “open” and locate the catalog zip file on the desktop.
  7. Click “Next” and “Start” to install.



Price Quoting by Using 2020 Category

Our company list price is also set up in the catalog, so you can quote FX Cabinetry Warehouse’s product selling price by 2020. Type in the product percentage in the quote window.

If the discount is 41% in 2020, 59% must be recorded in order to find out the right price. Follow this procedure:

  1. Make sure the 2020 Catalog is installed.
  2. Design the kitchen with the FX Catalog.
  3. Save the design.
  4. Click ‘Design” then tap “Styles & Pricing.”
  5. Choose “FUXIANG” in the left.
  6. Under the “Design Charges” tab, double click to open the “Sales Tax” column, and choose the appropriate tax rate. Input the appropriate percentage rate next to “Overall.” (For example, if your discount rate for MM is 38%, then you want to input 62% for the correct discount).
  7. In “Catalog Styles” tap/double click to open “Door Design” column and choose the color.
  8. In “Price Levels” tap/double click to open the “Common Price Level,” and choose the color to quote.
  9. Click “Close” on the bottom.
  10. Click “Report” then tap “Reports on Design”.
  11. Click “Quote”
  12. Check the box in front of “Group identical items”
  13. “Click “View”
  14. When the quote report is generated, double check on all itemized prices. They should not total $99,999.
  15. If the kitchen total equates to be an abnormally large number, go back to the design and double check. Ensure all items in the design are available in that particular product line/color. Prices would not be quoted correctly if any unavailable items are utilized in the design.

Please contact us at 626-333-2388 with questions.