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Since 1996, FX Cabinets Warehouse has been America’s leader in high quality and affordable cabinetry. We are dedicated to providing appealing cabinetry that is as functional as it is beautiful. We offer the finest in design, finishes, materials and hardware to ensure our cabinetry products award superior levels of value, performance and satisfaction to our customers.


FX Cabinets Warehouse is committed to providing products that are both environmentally sustainable and safe in the home. Our products are constructed with real wood harvested using ecologically friendly forestry techniques to benefit the environment and society. The air in your home should be non-toxic, and that’s why all of our cabinets are 100% free of particle board and feature water-based finishes. Our products are fully compliant with stringent California Air Resources Board standards. We believe that the respectful stewardship of the environment and clean indoor air quality are important aspects of our commitment to our customers.


FX Cabinet Warehouse has built its reputation on quality cabinets that are in-stock and ready to ship. We know the importance of on-time delivery so we focus on accurate and timely shipment of orders from our network of warehouses. We offer flexible and fast shipping options to any point in the United States for any size order. Buy with confidence knowing at FX Cabinets Warehouse, your next order is quickly ready to ship.

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