Kitchens Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets continue to make a statement in the kitchen, both for their fashion sense and their ability to dramatically enhance storage, accessibility and organization. Personalization – both in design and interior storage – is a hot trend right now, with everything from painted finishes of all colors, to rustic chic materials, to high-gloss acrylic doors all sharing the spotlight. Texture is also a hot trend, and mix-and-match styling is also seeing a renewal of interest.

White and grey continue to be hot colors, though lighter stains are also emerging as an up-and-coming trend. And, while clean, transitional styling remains a perennial favorite, some elegant detailing is adding interest to cabinetry.

Below are some of the hottest trends in kitchen cabinets right now.

–Personalization is a hot trend, with custom styling and plenty of choices being offered to allow consumers to use the cabinets to make the space their own.

–Interest in painted cabinetry remains strong, with white, grey and espresso remaining hot hues. There’s also some interest in blues and greens, or grays with hints of these colors.

–The painted look has evolved into a mix-and-match look in many kitchens, with painted cabinetry set around the perimeter offset by a rustic island or specialty piece in reclaimed wood, or sporting a distressed or textured finish.

–Cabinet interiors continue to get more organized, with custom inserts and moveable trays that allow storage to be configured to meet the specific needs of the homeowner. Enhanced accessibility (both physical and visual) continues to define cabinet interior trends.

–Clean, transitional styling remains in vogue, with flat, Shaker-style doors, high-gloss finishes and often an absence of hardware to maintain the seamless uncluttered look. However, there’s a bit more detailing than in years past, as consumers seek cabinetry that, while uncluttered in appearance, still offers a few elegant personal touches.

–Stain colors are moving to lighter shades, while visible texture continues to see interest for its ability to add depth and dimension without detracting from the clean, uncluttered look that so many consumers desire.